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"Let you HAIR do the Talking"....

In our last blog post we talked about wigs becoming more of a fashion statement. In this post we will discuss the types of wigs such a synthetic, human hair and different cap styles.

When I decided to try wigs after cutting my own hair from years of damage, I found the process of finding one that was right for me quite overwhelming. Some questions I asked myself were:

1. Do I want human hair or synthetic hair? (What were the pros or cons of each)

2. Do I want lace front or full lace? ( What were the pros and cons of each)

3. Do I want to go with something closer to my natural hair before I had it cut or do I want to go with something a bit riskier.

4. What length would be best suited for me for my height.

5. where is the best place to buy one and can I trust the source I am buying from

So as you can see I had a lot of questions I had to ask myself so I could make the right choice in purchasing my first wig.

The first thing I did to address these questions to make my decision was RESEARCH! I suggest you do the leg work of researching so you can get it right the first time and not waste your time and money on subpar products. I have to admit that even after doing tons of research it took a few trial and errors in finding what was right for me. 

That being said here are the types of wigs and the pros and cons of each.

Synthetic Wigs:- This is a good idea to start here and which is what I did. These types of wigs are relatively cheap and it gives you the chance to wear a wig if you have never worn one before to ensure you like it and will commit to wearing one. They usually come as lace fronts (4 inches of lace all around front of cap.) This gives you the option to part the wig within that 4 inches of lace. Some come with just lace in the parted section of the cap and cannot be re-parted. So you wear the wig part just as is. I have never come across a full lace synthetic wig.

Pros of Synthetic Wigs: Todays Synthetic wigs can mimic very well human hair and it would be quite difficult for anyone to know the difference even from simply touching the fibres. Most but not all can be styled using heating tools and they come in all different colours, balayage, ombre's etc.

Cons Of Synthetic Wigs: while these types of wigs have come a long way in mimicking human hair they still have some limitations. I have found, that they do not last more than a few washes. They tangle and mat quite easily and lastly the part lines and density (thickness) usually makes them look quite unrealistic.

Lace-Front Wigs:- This type of wigs is usually recommended as a beginner wig.

Pros of lace-front: You put them on and go and you don't worry so much about fixing the back of it to blend with your hair.

Cons of Lace front Wigs: They usually come in either 4 or 6 inches of lace at the front section from front to back. Most usually is the 4 inches though and if they are not well made, the wefts will not lay flat and will be difficult to hide with the hair at the front. I usually find at some point the back wefts will show. I also found them uncomfortable to wear at first and if you need to itch, its hard to through the wefts.

Full Lace Wigs: Usually recommended for intermediate to more experienced wig wearers. 

Pros of Full Lace Wigs: I found them to be the most comfortable to wear and the most realistic and versatile (But not all full lace wigs are created equal) Most these days come with natural hairlines and baby hairs. You can style them, part them anywhere you like. You can get them in a glue-less or ones you glue to your forehead. (I much preferred glue-less!). They are quite breathable and lighter on your head and they come in various densities (Thickness) depending on what you prefer.

Cons of Full Lace Wigs: You really have to do your home work on the quality hair you are buying as not all lace wigs are created equal. Some can be too thick of a density and others much too thin. The cap style can differ from supplier to supplier.

So hope this helps you to make a good decision about your next wig! As for colour and length my suggestion is to try something you wouldn't  normally be able to achieve with your own hair and at the same time not to trendy that you can only wear it for a few months and then the trend has ended.

To sum it all up, there were many other things I learned on my wigs journey  such as the types of hair, where they are sourced, how they are processed etc. 



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