Our Story – Boujee Boo's

Our Story


Boujee Boo's is a luxury hair company founded by Emily S.

Emily- "I decided to start my own hair company when I had cut my hair and needed a way to grow my hair back without suffering through the unattractive growth stages".

It was very difficult to find the quality hair with the great customer service I thought we all deserve to have.

What I found is many hair companies out there source their hair from china without ever testing or wearing the hair themselves and not caring about the processing of the hair. Being the health conscious person that I am I did not want to buy hair that was chemically laced nor did I want hair that the source was unknown. This is what led me to start my own hair company so that others like me or those who are unaware of the hair market could have hair that was sourced ethically and without deceiving quality hair that initially looks good but doesn't last.

We have spent over a year testing and sourcing and we are very excited to offer our customers exceptional quality hair and the most luxurious hair on the market.

We hope you will trust Boujee Boo's to be your supplier of all your hair needs.

Our Guarantee to you is that we will always offer to you only the best 100% Remy human hair that is cuticle aligned and therefore tangle free. All our hair has been sourced ethically and has not been laced with chemicals or placed in acid baths.

We hope you will trust us to provide you the best luxury hair on the market!


Emily S. - Founder


Boujee Boo's Luxe Hair